Lamazuna Oriculi

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The oriculi has been used for personal hygiene for centuries in China and Japan. You will save a ton on conventional ear swabs. Moreover, the oriculi protects the eardrum, because it is only used on the outer region of the ear. It can also be used for children, but we recommend that the child is not left on his own to use the oriculi, for his or her own safety.


Lamazuna’s bamboo oriculi allows a simple, healthy and infinitely reusable cleaning of the ears. Prevents clogging caused by wax.


Place your index finger towards the end of the Oriculi to help you guide it and hold it firmly as you gently scrape around the entrance to the ear canal. Don’t go any further! Earwax is actually good for your ears, as it protects the eardrum.

The Oriculi can be used on children, but only by an adult.

Lamazuna products are 100%:
• high-quality & natural;
• sustainable;
• vegan;
• free from animal testing;
• PETA approved.