Little Lamb - Mesh Laundry Bag

These handy mesh laundry bags are a versatile accessory from Little Lamb Nappies,

For nappies: Place the opened large mesh bag inside your nappy pail and at nappy change you can drop the used nappies and wraps in. 

Once full, take the whole bag out and place in the washer. There is a golden rule though; before you place nappies or wraps in the mesh-lined pail please make sure any velcro fastenings have been closed.

For smaller items: These little beauties have been so popular in the large size we now sell the small bags as well. These are perfect for popping in used wipes, breast pads, makeup rounds and little socks that always seem to go missing in the wash. 

Small bags measure 21cm x 24cm

Large bags measure 51cm x 42cm 

Made in Turkey by LittleLamb.