Motherease Sandys Bamboo fitted

  • An absorbent fitted cloth diaper available in 4 sizes for a great fit
  • Compatible with Mother ease Air Flow and Rikki Wrap waterproof covers for a leak-proof system
  • Industry leading "front over back" snap closure design
  • Double elasticized waist (front and back) and leg openings for perfect leak-free cloth diapering
  • Designed to outperform any other fitted cloth diapers in comfort, quality, and absorbency since 1991!


Our Bamboo Terry fabric is specially knit with 70% Bamboo / 30% Cotton touching your baby’s delicate skin. Polyester is knit into the base of the fabric to provide strength, durability and shrinkage control. This polyester core lengthens the lifespan of the natural bamboo fabric. Our Bamboo Terry is available in its natural unbleached finish.

The bamboo used in our yarn is a man-made fiber using the viscose process. It is made from organically grown bamboo and the factory producing it follows strict environmental standards (ISO14001:2004) as well as employee health standards (OHSAS18001:1999). This yarn has been tested free of harmful substances according to Oeko Tex Standard 100 for baby articles.

Sandy's Sizing

Newborn (6-12 lbs)

A perfect option for parents starting to cloth diaper immediately and want the best fit before moving to the One Size fitted diaper.

Used with our: Newborn Air Flow or Rikki Wrap fitted diaper covers.

Small (8-20 lbs)

A two size diaper system, Small and Large, offers a great fit in each of the size ranges. 

Small Size, fitting from 8 to 20 lbs is a great option for parents that find a One Size diaper too bug on a newborn baby.

Used with our: Small and Medium Air Flow and Rikki Wrap fitted diaper covers.

Large (20-35 lbs)

The Large size, fitting from 20 to 35 lbs is needed once your baby has outgrown the small size.

Used with our: Large Air Flow and Rikki Wrap fitted diaper covers.

Toddle-ease (35-45 lbs)

The Toddle-ease size is our XLarge Sandy's diaper. Offering a great fitted diaper for children who are not ready to potty train yet. 

Used with our: XLarge Air Flow and Rikki Wrap fitted diaper covers.