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Motherease Wizard Uno STAY DRY Cloth Nappy

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This is the elusive All in One cloth nappy that everyone is talking about! Motherease is a Canadian brand where all their products are maunfactured in Ontario using 100% green energy.

The Wizard Uno Stay Dry is the leader in All in One cloth nappies - simple, trim fitting, absorbent and leak-free!

This One Size reusable cloth nappy fits from approximately 7-35 lbs. The Wizard Uno is the most coveted AIO cloth nappy on the market. With our trendy prints and superior functionality, it's impossible to keep the Wizard Uno on our shelves!


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Parents will love the Wizard Uno for its ease of use and superb containment. The Uno is so incredibly slim that it is hard to believe that it will be as absorbent as other thicker nappies, but usually it out performs despite its trim size.

Want to use the Uno overnight? You can! Simply add in a Wizard Booster or hemp booster inbetween the cover and insert to boost the absorbency for 12 hours leak free. No need to have a different ccloth nappy for daytime and night time. Mother ease designs cloth nappies that can be used regardless of the situation.

The Wizard Uno is without a doubt the easiest reusable cloth nappy to use and looks adorable on the bum, all the while not compromising the containment that you would expect a cloth nappy to provide. This is an all in one cloth nappy so that means the absorbent inner is attached to the waterproof outer.