My Cotton Drawer - Bamboo Pocket Cloth Nappy - Children of Lir


The Children of Lir, named after mythological story of Aisha, Fionnula, Fiachra and Conn. An elegant swan print on a blue background with pink snaps.

We have our very own Bamboo Pocket Nappy.
One Size approximately 8-35lbs.
This cloth nappy will fit most babies from 1 month of age up to 3 years of age. 
With a stay dry fleece lining and an inner gusset, your baby will feel dry and comfortable. 
There is a pocket to the rear of the nappy for you to place the inserts into. 
Each nappy comes with 2 slim bamboo inserts. Use both inserts each time. The whole nappy will need to be washed after each use.
What's different about our nappies?
Most pocket nappies come with 2 microfibre inserts. Over time when your baby begins to wee less often, but a larger volume, microfibre is going to underperform. Bamboo is a more absorbent fabric so we provide 2 bamboo inserts with each pocket nappy.
Some brands will market their inserts as bamboo, but they actually have a hidden Microfibre layer inside. Our inserts have only bamboo. Each insert has 3 layers of bamboo jersey and 1 layer of bamboo terry. When used together, you are getting 8 thirsty layers of bamboo, yet with slim inserts.

How to wash your cloth nappy:
Remove solids and place in a wetbag until laundry day.
Do a cold rinse first in your washing machine. 
Wash at 40 degrees for lightly soiled nappies, and at 60 degrees gor heavily souled nappies.
You can use either a biological or a non-biological powder or liquid.
Do not bleach. 
Do not use fabric softener. 
Do not iron. 
Line drying is preferred, but tumble dry cool if necessary. 
These nappies only require 1 wash before first use.
My Cotton Drawer. An Irish brand for eco babies.
My cotton drawer reusable cloth nappy washing instructions