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MyRoodi Indoor Frisbees - pack of 3


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My Roodi is a set of three indoor throwing ddiscsare eco friendly and made of premium cardboard. They are specifically designed to allow young children (age 4+) to throw them easily and without causing any danger or damage! The gorgeous and inspiring illustrations (under the sea, safari, space) can be coloured in to give them their own individual look.

These disks are easy to use, with no risk of injury, a stable flight, and float between 2 - 8 metres. 

3 indoor throwing discs made of a robust cardboard (diameter 20cm) each with its on design to colour in. 
Includes instructions, techniques, games, and background information.

Made in Germany

These frisbees are lovely to colour-in and make for an exciting indoor frisbee game. Very easy to throw. Made of robust, premium cardboard. Designed specifically for use indoors.

The illustrated booklet explains how to fold, throw, and catch the frisbees, the history of the frisbee, and 5 fun games to play with them.