Nature Challenge - Space! A group card game for ages 7+


Discover the universe's most fascinating celestial objects with Nature Challenge!

The Sun’s temperature is 5,470 C°...does any of the other players have a warmer star? Choose your star's or planet's strongest features to win the hand and collect the cards from the other players. ow difficult it is to observe your celestial object might reverse the situation! The first to collect all the cards wins the game.

"I really like the Nature Challenge collection because we can learn lots of things about animals, trees, volcanoes… For example, I never knew that a meerkat was so light - it only weighs 700 grams! It’s tiny! :)" - Ennio, age 8

"We’re really proud of Nature Challenges' success and the extraordinary enthusiasm they awaken in children. While having great fun, they can discover our planet’s amazing biodiversity and the need to protect its riches." - Michael, BioViva Development Director

A card game for 2-6 players aged 7+.

What it contains: 36 cards, 1 set of instructions