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Qwetch Neoprene Sleeve for Espresso Mug 160ml

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**This is a neoprene sleeve for the Quetch Double Walked Espresso mug***


We all know that bringing along your own reusable coffee cup whilst buying a take away coffee is a great way to help a make positive step to reduce the amount of single use coffee cups that go to landfill each year.  Likewise, this 160ml double-walled glass mug is also perfect for transporting your espresso from home and smugly skipping the café queue on your morning commute! In short, a great, environmentally-friendly, money-saving way of carrying your morning coffee, or any other warm or cold drink. 

It is made from a double layer of strong borosilicate glass that keeps drinks warm for up to 1 hour and has a leak-resistant stainless steel and polypropylene (PP 5) lid with a silicone ring inside. The base of the lid is stainless steel and designed so that no plastic comes into contact with liquid inside the bottle.

Designed in France and produced responsibly in China. Presented in a cardboard gift tube with instruction leaflet and care advice.

Hand wash only.

Approximately 11.5cm high x 7cm diameter. Each glass mug is hand blown so will differ very slightly in size. 

NB: Not suitable for carbonated drinks due to build up of pressure.