Rubens Barn - Baby Nora


Rubens Barn dolls have gloriously soft cuddly hair and safe embroidered eyes.

Rubens Barn dolls are handcrafted to the highest standards. Each doll has beautifully hand embroidered eyes that have a friendly welcoming gaze to encourage empathy and love. Their arms are also outstretched, seeking a welcoming hug. They are made from a soft but durable fleecy material that can be gently washed and dried when necessary. Each doll comes with their own clothes including a nappy, all with Velcro closure. The clothes are easy for young children to remove. These dolls are anatomically correct, so curious children will probably remove these dolls clothes fairly often!

Rubens Barn Baby Dolls are 45cm long and are a sturdy weight of  700g. They safe so are suitable from newborn so can grow with your child. Rubens Barn Dolls were designed in Sweden and they are also used as empathy dolls for people dealing with Dementia and Alzheimers. There is something so inviting about these dolls, you will understand when you pick one up into your arms.

About me

I'm a soft handmade baby doll dressed up in:

  • A peach colored one-piece romper
  • A removable cat-themed bib
  • A white t-shirt
  • A diaper

          I enjoy the company of boys and girls of all ages and I don’t contain any dangerous components. I’m anatomically correct like a real baby. I like to stick out my tongue and can wiggle my head. I can't sit on my own yet so I need some back support or something to lean on. My clothes can be removed and replaced with extra outfits. I can even be washed at 30 °C (low tumble-dry heat)! If you are a family expecting a new baby, I’m perfect for the older siblings to practice on. I’m also good doll therapy for all ages. I look forward to meeting you and exploring empathy, patience and baby care together!