Rubens Barn EcoBud Aspen

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I’m Rubens Barn’s very first soft handmade doll made from organic cotton. I like to follow along with you to explore nature in all its beauty. I also feel very much at home in fun and playful spaces.

Rubens Barn Ecobuds Aspen is a wonderful little ragdoll boy who would love to accompany your little one on their adventures for years to come. Made from 100% organic cotton little Aspen loves to be cuddled, to hold hands and to go on long car rides. He wears odd socks and has a beautiful pair of shorts that can be hand washed if they get grubby!

Rubens Barn Ecobuds are a gorgeous collection of ragdolls. All of the Ecobuds are made with 100% organic cotton. That includes their hair, bodies, stuffing and clothes. This is the perfect doll if you are trying to reduce your own carbon footprint and you are looking for an ethically produced doll. These dolls are designed in Sweden and produced in a family run factory in China. 

They are 35cm long and weigh 150grams, the perfect size for a new companion!

Rubens EcoBuds care about the environment
Rubens EcoBuds are made of Organic Content Standard (OCS) organic cotton. They are filled with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) polyester fibre.