Snappi - Nappy Clip - Size 1 (3 Pack)


The Snappi size 1 nappy clip makes it easy and safe to put on prefolds and muslin nappies. It is a good alternative to the safety pins and offers more security than the method of simply sticking the insert or gauze diaper on.

Thanks to the T-shape, the diaper clip can be attached with the small hooks that claw into the fabric. Before using the clip for the first time, it should be stretched a little in all directions.

It is important that the Snappi is not used on children who can already take off their diaper / pants themselves! To avoid injuries, the Snappi may only be used by adults. Please keep out of the reach of children.

The Snappi is cleaned with warm to hot soapy water.

Do not wash the diapers in the machine as the hooks can damage the diapers.

Does not contain latex or silicone.

Size one: 13-14cm / Birth to 18 months
Size two: 15-16cm / from 18 months

Supplied in a 3 pack

Made in South Africa.