Stasher - Stand Up Stasher bag

€22.95 €13.80

Stasher Bags are one of the most versatile eco friendly food storage containers on the market.

Food can be kept fresh thanks to the air seal closure. These are especially ideal for the freezer, as they utilise freezer space really well, and they can be placed in boiling water to defrost.

This Stand Up Stasher bag is the latest version, from the front, the stand-up stasher looks like the same cute-as-can-be plastic-free baggie you know and love. But, turn it to the side and you’ll see it has so much more to offer. With an expandable base, the new stand-up stasher sits upright on your counters and shelves, providing the convenience of a container without that so-easy-to-lose lid. In between uses, the expanded base collapses neatly so you can store it with the rest of your stasher collection.

Get to fillin’ the stand-up stasher and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much it can hold. With just under two quarts of capacity (56 fluid ounces or 12 cups dry), you can stash an entire box of cereal, several servings of soup, or a full bushel of brussels sprouts.

The added beauty in this bag is its wider opening. The seal is just as trustworthy, but opens beyond the top corners so the bag stays open—hands free—while you fill it with your famous stew or scoop out a cup of quinoa.