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Stick-Let's Dodeka Fort Kit 12 piece


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Stick-lets help us reconnect with nature through imaginative and open play. They're flexible, durable, reusable and weather-resistant connectors made of silicone (from sand!). They come in 6 bright colors - each a different size. With Stick-Lets, children can learn to create and build at a young age. They work brilliantly for team building events, parties, camps and school yards. 

How to use: Stick-lets each have 2, 3, or 4 eyes - into which you put sticks or branches, doorknobs, table or chair legs to create your own design. Build indoors or outdoors. Make tents by pulling fabric through the eyes.

What each set contains: 12 Stick-lets, cotton bag

Feel great about where it comes from:

  • Raw materials from EU? No - Taiwan - 10,000km away, so totally against our 'local' eco-principle. We ordered just a few without realising this. Good news is: production is moving to a closer country, we won't re-order until this is done
    • Organic? N/A - not made from plants
    • Manufactured in EU? No - Taiwan
    • What's it made from? Silicone (from sand), cotton for bag
    • What's it packaged in? Cardboard box
    • Shipping packaging from manufacturer to us: Cardboard box only
    • Plastic-free? Yes 100%
    • Vegan? Yes!
    • Animal-cruelty-free? Yes
    • Reused upcycled or recycled? No

    Feel great about where it goes after you've used it:

    • Biodegradable / compostable? Not biodegradable (but still really good for our planet because it's made from sand (not petroleum), can be used for generations and then recycled
    • Reusable refillable? Yes
    • Recyclable? Yes 100%

    Feel great about you and your child using it:

    • Great for ages: All
    • Shelf life: Indefinite
    • Safety standards met: EN71 EU toy safety standards; RoHS
    • Solvent-free? Yes
    • Gluten-free? Yes
    • Peanut-free? Yes
    • Soy-free? Yes
    • Lactose-free? Yes