TIO- Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads 2 Pack - Coral and Glacier

€7.90 €5.50

The TIOMATIK push-on heads for electronic toothbrushes are the sustainable alternative for everyone who likes to brush their teeth electrically. The push-on heads are made on the basis of sugar cane and cellulose, the bristles on the basis of castor oil.

Instead of creating our own electric toothbrush, we have decided to design attachable heads compatible with current Oral-B® rotary electric toothbrushes. This saves resources because you get to continue using an electric toothbrush you already own – only now you can top it off in a sustainable way.

Contents: a pack with a total of 2 push-on heads

  • Medium bristle size
  • Color combination (rings): coral / glacier
  • Made from resource-saving, plant-based materials
  • Castor oil-based bristles
  • Suitable for many common models (* details see below)
  • Packed plastic-free in the FSC-certified box
  • Compatible with current Oral-B® rotary electric toothbrushes.

Since rotating electric toothbrushes have become very common in recent years, we want to give all users the chance to clean their teeth in a sustainable way with as little effort and additional resource consumption as possible. Therefore, our Tiomatik attachable heads fit on most of the common models. So you can continue to use your existing handpiece, but with a green head.

* Compatible with the following toothbrush models:
Pro, Trizone, ProfessionalCare®️, ProfessionalCare®️ Smart Series, Healthy Clean®️, Vitality®️, Pro-Health®️, Oral-B Triumph®️, AdvancePower.
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