TIO- Tiobrush ToothbrushMedium Replacement Heads 2 Pack - Glacier Blue

€7.50 €4.95

This 2 Pack of TIO Tiobrush medium replacement heads allows you to renew your toothbrush with minimum impact on the environment. This innovative, biodegradable toothbrush is made of plant-based bioplastics, with a reusable, ergonomic handle for a good grip and replaceable brush head – hopefully just one of many to come. Tiobrush also includes a hygienic travel cap.

The bristles are made of castor oil which reduces excess waste and ensures optimal cleaning performance. The space-saving travel case is made from sugar cane to keep it hygienically clean when on the road.

These innovative, exchangeable toothbrush head mechanisms help you to avoid 70% of plastic waste during each usage period.

They make the environment smile while you get a truly hygienic fresh start as the full top is replaced!

  • optimised preservation of resources
  • findings based on intensive research of the materials used
  • prevents the formation of microplastics


  • The cap, handle and the foil of the cap can be disposed of in the yellow recycle bin.


  • Replacing the brush heads is easy: simply use the pin at the bottom of your new TIO head to release the worn-out brush head with a little pressure. Pull the old head out of the handle and replace it with a new one.