Tots Bots PeeNut Nappy Wrap Size 2

€18.95 €11.40

This award winning PeeNut waterproof cloth nappy wrap can be used with the PeeNut 3-in-1 absorbent pad or the Bamboozle Stretch nappy.

Using the wrap with the PeeNut absorbent pads: A cost-effective day-time system, as you don't need to change your PeeNut wrap every time, each PeeNut wrap can be used for up to 4 consecutive changes. Simply remove wet pads, wipe down your wrap and pop in a clean pads. This makes for a super economical nappy system.

Choose from Size 1 (6-18lbs) or Size 2 (9-35lbs) and team with our Bamboozle Stretch for unbeatable performance!

Small PeeNut pad can hold 210ml

Big PeeNut pad can hold 270ml

Both PeeNut pads used simultaneously holds up to 480ml

This is the wrap only. The PeeNut pads and Bamboozle are sold separately. 

Nappy covers and the absorbent inner can usually be mixed and matched between brands.


You can find the Peenut pads here

 The prints Nutty, Napple and Notty are made using recycled water bottles.